Thursday, July 31, 2014

Welcome to My Life

If your daughter asked you to drop everything and move, leave the city you've been living in your whole life, leave the house you've been in for thirteen years, simply because she was unhappy and didn't like her town, would you? Probably not. Most parents would laugh and tell their child to keep dreaming. But luckily, my parents aren't like most parents. You see, they value my happiness so much that they were more than willing to sell our house-which has recently been renovated for thousands of dollars-, say goodbye to our extended family, and leave. That's the type of parents I have.

And you may not believe it, but that's exactly what I did. And that's why I'm sitting in the library of a school I haven't attended before, in a town that is not my own. We're only about 50 miles from our old home, but still, that means no more visiting Grandma on Thursday night for an hour. No more going to the dentist during my lunch period at school. Nope. We've to find a new dentist, a new shopping mall, a new life.

But that's what I'm all about. Changing, growing, experiencing new things. It's healthy. Especially coming out of an environment as toxic as my own was. A supposedly "Christian" school, but really just a building full of bullies, backstabbers, and bitches, oh my! I went through countless friends. I didn't exactly "outgrow" them either, no, my friendships usually ended with guys spreading personal and very vulnerable things and girls dissing me on social media. But the rest of the kids at school were probably too busy shoving their faces into their Louis Vuitton purses purses, and probably the faces of other people to notice.

Despite this, I prevail! I'm too stubborn to let twelve years at one school ruin my school experience entirely! I mean hey, I've still got two left. And that's exactly why I left. When I'm thirty looking back, high school would have been an entirely bitter experience if I didn't. But now I have the chance to think back on the awesome new school I started at. It may be only two years out of fourteen, but hey, better late than never, right?